Membership is open to couples and women ONLY.  We are not currently accepting single men.  

As of 1/1/2016 there will be a $30 annual fee but for now it costs nothing to become a members.  The $30 will be taken off your first party donation and if you don't attend either the May or October party, come January of the following year there will be another $30 donation.  

Everyone who wishes to join Thumper's is either (1) interviewed, or (2) sponsored by an existing member.  All our members are 100% REAL, 100% GENUINE.   If you belong to any of the internet sites like AFF or SLS they take anyone who has a credit card.  We all know there are a lot of fakes out there - BUT NOT HERE!  By interviewing new people we know we're getting the real deal and YOU know you're becoming part of something very special!

Interested?  Look through our Rules & Etiquette page and our About Us information.  We are so unlike many of the lifestyle sites out there - we are all about REAL people who are looking to meeto other REAL people without the drama.  How nice is this!!