For most people Swinging is defined as non-monogamous, recreational sex with someone other than their mate, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.  It is not a traditional dating experience. It usually occurs between two couples or between a couple and a single female or male. Anyone you know could be a Swinger. Swingers are Welders, Doctors, Accountants, Mothers & Fathers, Sons & Daughters, Teachers & Philosophers.  They are Black, White, Asian, Latin, and can be found everywhere in the world. There is a negative moral stigma attached to being a Swinger so most people keep it private and hidden from friends and loved ones.The majority of Swingers are successful people.  If you look for a common thread between successful people, interesting people, and Swingers, I believe that you will find that none of these people are "Sheep". Successful people are typically not followers; they forge their own path in life, that same mind set may have made them question monogamy and general societies definition of morality. 

People have asked me what the number one profession in "The Lifestyle" is, and we were surprised to find out it is by far and away teachers, followed by nurses, doctors, lawyers, fire fighters police officers, and small business owners.Though traditionally Swingers just swap partners, it has grown over the past 15 years to be much more encompassing. It includes Voyeurs, Exhibitionists, couples interested in Soft Swap, or Girl-Girl play. It may also include specific Fetishes, or maybe people that just like dressing sexy, flirting. and being in a sexual environment.


"Do you ever get jealous?" Speaking from personal experience I believe most swingers get a little jealous. They may look at their wife with another man and think "What in the hell is she doing with that guy?... Wait, this is pretty hot! Man, he is REALLY into her. Damn, I am a lucky Guy!"  A little jealousy is a good thing! It keeps the relationship fresh and exciting!  If you or your partner are very jealous people; however, The Lifestyle probably is not for you.

What if she (he) likes that guy (girl) better than me?

To me this is simple. If your partner has sex with someone and then wants to leave you for that person, you did not have a very good relationship in the first place.  I want my partner to have a great sexual experience with another person, or else why do it in the first place?  If my wife came to me and said " I met (insert name) and had great sex with him, and I love him and I do not want to be with you any more". I would be sad, I may even shed a tear, but in the end, I believe I deserve to be with someone that loves me the most and wants to be with me, so I would let her go. Knowing that I want someone that loves me more than anyone else, makes me not worry about her being with another man. People leaving their significant other for someone in The Lifestyle is a rare occurrence.

Will Swinging help problems in our marriage? 

YES it will! If you are having a bad marriage, and you want to end it, Swinging will certainly speed up the process! Seriously, if you are having marital issues, the last thing you need to do is get involved in The Lifestyle. Without trust and a solid relationship, The Lifestyle is not for you

How do I meet other Swingers? 

This is the easiest one! Join Thumper's Socials!  Not only can you meet people, but you can find people that are interested in the same things that you are interested in. It also takes out the awkward moment of trying to figure out what the other couple is interested in when you meet them in person. You can work all that out ahead of time. There are also lists of private parties, swingers group vacations, lifestyle club events, etc. There are Swingers clubs locators and other features that will help you find your way through The Lifestyle.