About Us

Ask yourself this simple question...

“When was the last time you could truly express yourself sexually?  Without fear or guilt.  Being completely open about your wants & desires.”

Most people would answer NEVER.  How sad is this?   Either they can’t express themselves for fear of rejection, or they fear the social stigma and they don’t want to deal with that.  Instead they suppress their desires or perhaps they cheat on their significant other and then try and deal with the guilt. So let’s be honest with one another.... Intimacy is part of all of us.  Being sexually active and seeking other like minded people is not only healthy but physically and emotional rewarding.   It’s ok to feel this way...most do.


Membership is open to couples and women ONLY.  We are not currently accepting single men.  

As of 1/1/2016 there will be a $30 annual fee but for now it costs nothing to become a members.  The $30 will be taken off your first party donation and if you don't attend either the May or October party, come January of the following year there will be another $30 donation.  

Rules & Etiquette

It's sometimes difficult for someone new to the lifestyle to understand all the in's and out's.   It all comes down to respect.  Don't assume because we're all in the lifestyle we're all ready to have sex with you!  Relate to each other with understanding, thoughtfulness, and common courtesy; just as you wish to be treated. One of our most important rules is WHAT HAPPENS AT OUR PARTIES STAY AT THE PARTY!  If you have a good time then tell others so they may wish to become members.  If you don't have a good time please tell us why!  We cannot fix a problem if we're unaware one exists.  We understand some couples don't like house parties and that's OK!


For most people Swinging is defined as non-monogamous, recreational sex with someone other than their mate, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.  It is not a traditional dating experience. It usually occurs between two couples or between a couple and a single female or male. Anyone you know could be a Swinger. Swingers are Welders, Doctors, Accountants, Mothers & Fathers, Sons & Daughters, Teachers & Philosophers.  They are Black, White, Asian, Latin, and can be found everywhere in the world. There is a negative moral stigma attached to being a Swinger so most people keep it private and hidden from friends and loved ones.The majority of Swingers are successful people.  If you look for a common thread between successful people, interesting people, and Swingers, I believe that you will find that none of these people are "Sheep". Successful people are typically not followers; they forge their own path in life, that same mind set may have made them question monogamy and general societies definition of morality.